Translation and related services


This service is my core business. Translation is not only getting a message from one language to another, but also adapting it to a specific culture and audience. I translate from British and American English into standard French.


This service consists in examining the translation and assessing if the meaning and the grammar are correct.


This service consists in comparing the original documents (or source documents) to the translated documents (or target documents), from a linguistic point of view (grammatical correctness, meaning), a cultural point of view (common references specific to a geographic area and/or a social group, typographic rules) and a formal point of view (layout).

Website localization

The basic idea is still to adapt a message for a given language and culture, while ensuring that the local website version is running correctly and that the original layout is preserved.

Why outsourcing translation and related services?

Translation and related tasks cannot be overlooked, yet they are time-consuming. Time spent in translating, reviewing or proofreading is not directly turned into money. That’s why it is interesting, from a commercial point of view, to outsource these activities: it is therefore possible to prospect for customers or spend your time in more profitable ways.